NED Consulting

NED, named from capital letters of New Experience Design’, is a consulting firm based in Yokohama, Japan and Shanghai, China. We are creating spaces through planning commercial complexes/stores with a hope to form new culture all over the world!

私たちNED Consultingは日本の横浜と中国上海を拠点に「New Experience Design=NEDを創出することを目的として事業活動を行なっています


CEO / 代表取締役

IGUCHI Takashi / 井口崇

Corporate Culture / 企業文化

NED Consulting is creating spaces based on corporate cultures as follows;
私たちNED Consultingは以下のミッション・ビジョン・バリューを基に新しい体験「New Experience」空間を生み出します

Corporate Mission / 企業理念

‘To create opportunities to experience new’

Corporate Vision / 企業指針

‘To create cultural place which fit and sustainable to the site’

Corporate Values / 企業価値

‘To create the cultural value transcend the project scale’

Scope of Works / 業務内容

NED Consulting is creating culture spaces in following business categories;
私たちNED Consultingは以下の事業領域において、新しい文化的空間を創出します

Urban Culture / 都市計画

We draw up urban commercial plan and revitalization strategy for urban planning.

Culture Complex / 商業施設

We propose effective space which is integrated both tenant-mix planning and themed design for commercial complex.

Culture Store / 小型店舗

We support strategic planning and store development for retail/F&B brands.

Corporate Info / 企業情報

NED Japan
2-10-1-1104, Nakagawa, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, 224-0001, Japan

NED China
中国上海市静安区平型関路108号 金座19F
19F, No.108 Pingxingguan Rd, Jingán District, Shanghai, China