Commercial Planning / MD Planning / 商業企画 / 業態企画


案例1:上海联美虹桥奥特莱斯项目  Entertainment Outlet Complex
Location : Shanghai, China
Project Duration : 2016-present (under construction)
Gross Floor Area : 150,000sqm
MD Program : Commercial, Outlet, Office, Residential, etc.

Scope of work : Schematic Plan (Commercial), MD Planning

案例2:武汉界立方3  Wuhan Neighborhood Mall
Location : Wuhan, China
Project Duration : 2015-2016
Gross Floor Area : 8,000sqm
MD Program : Retail, F&B, Entertainment, etc.

Scope of work : Schematic Plan, MD Planning, Design Development


案例3:深圳皇庭广场地下海湾主题街区 MOCHA·摩卡湾
Location : Shenzhen, China
Project Duration : 2016-2017
Gross Floor Area : 3,000sqm
MD Program : Retail, F&B, etc.

Scope of work : Schematic Plan, Design Development